Sunday, 17 January 2016

The messy desk.

My desk is a mess, there's stuff all over it. This happens over time and slowly until I get totally annoyed and then clean it up and dum...dum...dum...start all over again. It's like my brain. It gets cluttered and messy, with too much going on. I've noticed the relationship between the messy desk and my cluttered brain.

It's always the same when I start a new project as well. I need to utterly clear and clean up the work space before starting anything new. Like the tidy space helps unclutter the messy mind.

My mind is like my desk right now, a lot of stuff in it, a lot of stuff just unorganized and rattling around, messy chaotic and random. I don't focus on any one thing, instead the thoughts, the emotions dance all over the place, skittery psychotic ballerinas on ice.

Yesterday I was talking to my husband as we drove to get groceries and breakfast that this past week has been hard. It has, I announced, been a week of sadness and spacemen.

I live in strange times.
But then again...don't we all? All the time?

Yoda hanging out at NASA on the Tims spacewalk.

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