Sunday, 31 January 2016

poems and blank pages

So in the hunt for something to draw on, like I don't actually have enough paper to draw on in this house, I decided to start using some of my good blank books that I have had since the 80's. I am a huge fan of Clairefontaine paper and in university (the 1st round) I discovered their gorgeous notebooks which I gleefully filled with all sorts of nonsense.

fast forward many moons later and I'm still collecting notebooks of various sizes and paper styles from Clairefontaine but here's the thing...I tend to not use them. It's beautiful silky paper so I don't want to waste it on my scribbles. And even more weird is the fact that I go upstairs to find a sketch book to noodle in and decide I don't have enough so just in case I should maybe buy more which leads to an ebay search. This leads to my brain going....Uh before we hit the buy button maybe we should go back upstairs and actually count ... you know like do an inventory?

So I did.

Then because I'm sorting out my used books and unused books I start  looking through the old ones and realise that jeeze I wrote a lot of poetry. Then I decided I should probably collect it all in one book so ...I picked one of the nice hard back CF notebooks with lines and begin that job but then I have to find just the right fountain pen and ink. Thankfully for me I have a friend who sent me a few awesome noodlers pens to try out with some lovely ink. So I guess I know what distraction I'll be using to avoid housework in the next week.

and in case anyone actually wonders...I don't think it's particularly good poetry but I like it and that is what counts.

unused blank books

used blank books

my Clairefontaine addiction

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