Monday, 21 April 2014

being handy

For as long as I can recall I've been pretty good at making stuff. My mum tells me I was drawing before I could walk and that when she first showed me how to draw a stick man from across the table and I then proceeded to draw all my stick men upside down she was worried till she figured it out. I love drawing, painting, being an artist and above all, making stuff.

One of the things that has happened recently is I rather unwillingly or maybe that should read unwittingly stepped into the SCA work of textile crafts. My very good friend, Marie, taught me how to tablet weave. A basic pattern but it didn't matter once I saw the initial this is how it works, I was off and running. Not to be held back by lack of materials I raided EBAY and now have a delightful stash of wool, linen and silk to use.

So I've been practicing. 

The latest thing I learned was naalbinding from Ava and now I have almost completed a shawl for my friend Marie. No pictures yet though here are some initial shots...

of course this is much larger now, goes nicely around my shoulders and when it's done I hope to have also incorporated Marie's SCA device colours.

We'll see.... stay tuned.

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