Wednesday, 11 September 2013

CEII Saturday

Normally when we are away from home getting me up and out of bed and ready for breakfast is a rough process. Not this time and  M asked on more than one occasion "who are you and what have you done with my wife?" I was up and ready to go before he had even opened his eyes.

what to wear what to wear.....

Saturday Morning the Deathstar appeared.

breakfasts were awesome fun events all by themselves

Once we had done the breakfast thing it was time to get to the event and be in costume. Saturday was the main photshoot day so I wore my tusken. There were 4 female tuskens there which tells you how rare this particular costume is. As you can see we had a lot of fun. Especially at the big 501st photo shoot.

Meanwhile in the other hall......

Saturday saw me step in and take on stand duty to fill in when someone didn't show up. It was awesome! I cannot recall the last time I laughed quite that much. I generally don't volunteer for stuff in advance because sometimes I get ill from migraines and then can't fulfill my obligation so this was a nice moment. It was the last hour of the day before the big dinner and one of the major speakers was also on the main stage so my stepping in gave someone else a reprieve. We had fun!

After the stand was closed down for the night it was do a quick change to get into our unofficial Squad uniforms and off to the 501st dinner. This was probably one of the highlights of the event. So many 501st members and honourary members in one place from all over the world making it pretty amazing. I got the surprise chance to spend a little pocket of time chatting with Steve Sansweet and his partner Bob who was very nice ( and politely ignored my inane babble because I was all hyper. ). The food was good, the drinks flowed freely and even though it was hotter than hell it was a pretty fun event.

Coastal Hammer squad with honourary member Steve Sansweet

Temura Morrison  ( Jango Fett) singing

Jeremy Bulloch ( Boba Fett) watching Temura ( Jango) !


All in all it was a very crazy, hot, wonderful busy day.....

but wait...there's more to come...

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