Wednesday, 26 September 2012

well that was different

I must admit when I went with Marcus to the bathroom showroom I never expected to have to sit on a toilet that moved so it would measure the right height. Like an elevator toilet. Don't need one at home but it was definitely interesting.  It's also not often I get to lie in many bathtubs to test how they are, I think we found one that will be nice and work but it's funny to try and explain how I actually lie in a tub , well not really lie but what ever. The guy was cool, and he got the message. So now we are one step closer to a new bathroom. This is exciting. The next step will be tiles. ooooh tiles.

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  1. Me, I want a long tub--but then I'd need a bigger bathroom, which would mean a bigger house, which would mean a bigger....I'll stop here. Have fun picking tiles.


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