Sunday, 6 May 2012

Breakfast with a Crow

So most of my friends know I like corvids, particularly crows with whom I have a pretty decent relationship. I spent a rather huge chunk of time way back when running around with camera being outsmarted by them while trying to photograph them. Crows don't like it when you take pictures of them, in fact crows, in general, don't like it much if you watch them for too long. It's a well known fact that crows are hella smart.

Yesterday the husband and I went into Ahrensburg to go Doctor Who costume searching among other things. We stopped at the market and bought big fat sugar waffle things for breakfast. Because the market was so crowded and stopping anywhere to eat means you're in someone else's way we went to the more secluded parking lot on the other side of the buildings to hang out by the railing which kept people from falling into the loading dock area below. It was sunny and quiet so = perfect.

Then while eating I heard that all too familiar caw caw caw. Three short barks which seem to mean either hey look at me I'm here or hey you guys there's a sucker here with food. I look up and sure enough there's a crow. So I tell him hullo and that I see him and go back to eating, 2 seconds later when I look up he's gone.

I turn around to continue enjoying my breakfast with my husband and there across the corner, sitting on the railing is the same crow staring at us in that way crows do. Head cocked one side to the other. I tell him hullo again and toss a piece of my waffle to him but it fell short and landed somewhere below. Crow looks at it in disdain and waits. So this time I break a piece off and set it atop the railing then Marcus and I back away a little distance.

Crow hops along the railing  to the piece of food and after a short moment of investigation decides we're not trying to poison him and begins to eat, then he decides the narrow railing is not a good place so he picks up the piece and lands by us on what I think is the roof of a loading dock door,on the other side of the railing from where we are standing. Together yet safely apart we eat breakfast.

I broke off another piece and flicked it over to the crow but it went long and fell off the edge of the roof. He decided he wasn't impressed, took his piece of waffle and went back to his original spot by the railing and finished it. Then he cleaned his beak and made a couple of strange throaty sounds in our direction. We both watched each other some more then I wished him well and said good bye.

I have a special relationship with crows and every now and then they occasionally confirm it.

Halifax Crow with a bagel.


  1. Dr. Who costume shopping? I'm curious--which characters? (The crow was amusing, too).

  2. we're doing the 10th doctor so we went looking for a workable suit / jacket and or coat solution. We found a suit jacket that will work. I'll be doing an 18th C clockwork robot thing, if the costumes all work out the way they are supposed to.


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