Friday, 20 April 2012

Oh dear she's at it again.

When I finished  the Daughter of the Empire books 1,2&3  I swore that was that. No more star wars stuff....I have my own stuff to write, not that DOTE isn't mostly my own stuff but it's considered fan fiction and it's set in The Star Wars universe and mostly I weave my own story and characters through other people's stories using their characters and so on... it was a lot of work  and it took a really long time and I'm still working on the books to better them and writing short stories etc...

so when Marcus said I think you should write Merlyn's mother's story I was like uh uh no way. But here's the thing...that tiny little seed of a suggestion is taking root. It would be cool to tell A'kali's tale. It's an interesting time period in the SW world and right now due to the Clone Wars TV show it's also current and popular which means lots of delicious information to play with. So now I'm considering it. I already know how the story ends. I've been silently writing that in my head but today i find that other characters are coming forward, making their voices known and it could be a really cool book to write.

So I guess we'll have to wait and see on this. It's in my brain and it's brewing up a storm. But 1st I need a suitable title. I generally can't really start until I have a title so that's what I'm thinking about now.

In the meanwhile today has decided to be a non day due to massive headache brought on by who the hell knows what. The nap I had helped a lot and now I think it's time for tea.

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