Thursday, 5 April 2012

It's a phase...

I get like this from time to time. It's like tapping into that invisible world around us and suddenly being aware that something is happening something magical.  I have no idea what it is and I won't hazard a guess but something magical is coming.

It was like a caress or a whisper in the car as we drove homeward after a very pleasant 2 day stay with our good friend. It was only supposed to be 1 day but circumstances changed and we stayed an extra night.

I still have that sensation of something is coming, something magical. No idea what it is though and maybe it's not for or about me, maybe it's one of my friends or their friends. I'll know when it happens though because it will feel like a sigh of contentment, a piece of the jigsaw puzzle fitting in its rightful place.

My long term friends will either roll their eyes or smile or both. they know this, they've seen this with me before and it's just crazy the shit that happens to me, around me.  But you know...if you have faith and you are will to believe and go along for the ride... great things will happen. So happy I didn't kill myself all those years ago.  I love my life and who I have become.

It's wonderful.

in other news I just said I will take over as signet clerk. we can all class this under the heading of wtf are you nuts? But it was a job I enjoyed. I hope the scribes will bear with me for 2 years.

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