Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Who needs television when they can dream?

So last night or this morning I dreamed that I was part of a group of people who were exploring a temporal problem with a plane crash. So picture this... here we are this unnamed group of people and I waiting for this large white  with a blue stripe plane to crash sideways into what I can only describe as the entrance to St. John's Harbour except it wasn't really well maybe it was in an alternate universe, anyway... we wait, the plane comes and then magically morphs into some sort of a ship, like a small cruise yacht with many rooms filled with books and stuff and people. And we explore, looking as I ALWAYS seem to be doing in my dreams for information or something. We run through the ship which inevitably gets more maze like and less plane / ship like looking for "stuff" and then someone yells for us to get the hell out of here fast so we do and the whole thing resets and happens ALL OVER AGAIN. All of this was in massive surround sound and technicolour.

I never did find what ever it was I was looking for. We helped people get off the weird time jumpy plane boat thing and when I woke I was pretty sure I could smell jet fuel. Why can't I have normal dreams???

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