Monday, 12 March 2012

slacker, scatty and it must be a Monday.

The funny thing is I actually have a hell of a lot I want to say but the words are all traffic jammed in my brain right now. I'm furious at the political world. How dare they make war on women ( again) or did they just never stop and I was too young and naive to notice?

Calling women sluts because they use birth control just fucking boggles my mind. *sigh*
And enough with the wars already.

so instead of getting all ranty and soap boxish here I'm walking away.

Instead I'll mention some fun things like Chuck Wendig's blog here.
He's pretty straight forward in his ability to NOT MINCE WORDS and his advice is rather like getting a Gibbs slap on the head but it's what I really need to read/hear.

Or that Tsuneo Sanda called me friend on fb and my fangirlish squeal of delight could be heard all the way to the moon. And Dave Dorman, Timothy Zahn and Brandon Smith of The Anix are kind enough to chit chat with me on their Fb pages. Say what you like about the evils of Facebook but it sure brings people closer together with the artists they admire.

and most awesome a person I met in St. John's many years ago, a sweet Polish guy on a tall ship found me on FB yesterday so we reconnected. The corporate and political world may think in terms of boundaries and borders but seriously on the internet there are none, really.  

and on an unrelated note...I thought I would add this 

I'm not an aspiring writer I am a writer who writes mostly for me and some other people who seem to like what I do with words. I don't much care about the whole being published bit I guess that's weird but as an artist I also don't much care about the whole selling my art part either. I make art. I write. I sometimes sew and make costumes. I tend to give stuff away a lot. I think art is about sharing but I am LUCKY enough to be in a position where I can do this and I know it. I don't need to eat from my art which is a luxury. ( I am a kept woman otherwise known as le housewife) Right now I am trying to write a book. I'm fighting with it mostly because I am like a magpie and am easily distracted by the shiny. We'll see. The book is in my brain burning up braincells so it wants to be written but it just needs to find its voice, the right voice.

I also have some seriously choice words for the entertainment industry on copyright and internet suppression and so on but I will have to sit and think on how I wish to word that particular rant. in the mean time... here's a nice picture for you all to enjoy.

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