Friday, 16 December 2011

Saying Goodbye

Merlyn and her Uncle Vahlek in his tatooine home.

It was a long wonderful, up and down ride but finally last night the MMO called Star Wars Galaxies came to an end and I am unbelievably saddened by this.

I started played under duress. My husband who had already been 6 months in had badgered and cajoled and eventually created "Merlyn" to show me how much fun it was. I ended up getting into it because he played me all wrong. It was the beginning of an amazing journey into a sandbox world advertised at the greatest star wars adventure of all times...yours. and it was. I can't describe the first time I saw Vader in game, or when I explored the vast deserts of Tatooine for real and got caught in a sandstorm. These moments were magical.

The sandbox allowed for in game housing and items a person could decorate. There were shops of all kinds full of things to buy ranging from clothes to weapons to everything else that could be sold. You could chat with other players from all around the world and it was a community with cities, guilds and cantinas of fun.

I made real life friends. I used the game to help me write Daughter of the Empire, characters from the game crossed into the books and vice versa. It doesn't seem so coincidental that shortly after I finished the last book so the game also ends.

It was a virtual world with virtual characters and now it's all gone. Saved on a disk somewhere and switched off. And I am sad, deeply deeply sad.

I could say a whole lot more about this because there is a lot more to talk about , a great amount of vitriol to be showered on Lucas Arts and that POS SWTOR which they happily replaced my game with even though they said that would never happen.  In the end what I took away from this is that Lucas Arts lie and nothing they do or say is to be trusted...ever. So SWG you were my first real mmo love and like all first loves you broke my heart. Not sure I will ever be able to feel this way again about another game and probably this is a good thing.

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