Thursday, 1 December 2011

art in circles

On the whole I'm a pretty sporadic blogger. I want to do this every day, share my thoughts, be wild and open but the truth is I do too many other things which include writing other things.

Lately it's been painting, specifically water colours. Something I inherited from my dad who was pretty damned brilliant at it. I guess I learned a thing or two from all the nights I sat at his art bench watching him paint because some thing seem to come naturally although I can hear his voice explaining why he did certain things to me. My child's brain just was happy to be watching my dad my adult brain was and is grateful for the sponge effect of soaking up all that knowledge.

My latest binge is tiny water colour paintings to be stuck on card stock as cards. I hate crappy bought Christmas cards.  I do not expect people to make their own so I get the need for store bought stuff but I find them trite and somewhat boring. I decided this year that instead of not sending cards at all as is my usual method of Christmas stupid season avoidance I would make cards. After all a little home made water colour painting is kind of nice right?

Mostly though I really just like sloshing water, paint and colour about to see what I get.

This is what I got.

kind cool.

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  1. Homemade cards are very cool. Your cards are beautiful, Fiona.



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