Tuesday, 25 October 2011

eventing we will go...

Miltenberg, Germany

So after a mad week or scribing, looking for stuff, gathering all the things we need then packing garb we left on Friday for the drive down to Miltenberg. It was nuts. I do mean nuts. Every loonie in Germany was on the road and none of them had a clue how to drive. I am so grateful that Marcus knows how to drive well and seems to have a pretty amazing 6th sense about the idiots and what they plan to do without indicator light or looking in their rear view mirrors or checking their blind spots. It was a long rather scary drive down and it took us longer than we had hoped but we made it in one piece. Which was great.

We checked into the hotel, an 800 year old building that started off life as army barracks and somewhere in the middle of its life was a prison. As hotels go it was so so. Too soft beds, kind of run down a tad the rooms had that shabby sweetness to them. However...the rooms were clean and the heat was on ( except for the 1st night where I was incredibly cold)

The hotel has an amazing restaurant with lovely food and the owners are fantastic. The breakfast coffee was bad bad bad tho. ( just saying)

We found Cecelia in the restaurant and eventually joined her for food and had a great chat before heading upstairs to get dressed and head up to the site.  After much schlepping ( the husband did not want to give up his sweet parking spot)  The site was gorgeous. And it was nice to see people.

Stuff on the to do list - vigil foods etc.. and baby shower stuff. I was alarmed to hear Ary and Ruth and her family were in a serious car accident and grateful no one was hurt. Anyway the evening was a buzz of vigil prep, court, baby shower, friends, and I don't recall flitting about so much in a long long time.

The babyshower was fun but it would not have been so wonderful without Diane's help and cheerful enthusiasm and baking abilities.

The vigil was beautiful and it was awesome to get to know SvartulfR a little better. I love this group of people I am lucky to be a part of.  It's wonderful to feel as though I belong to something magical and wasn't just an afterthought or some pawn in a larger political game.

Friday night late we wandered back along cobbled streets to go to bed. Sadly it was so damned cold in the hotel room and the duvet was too thin so I was awake, freezing with savage headache.

Next morning we joined the girls for breakfast and had a leisurely start to the day. Then Marcus and I went sight seeing to clear my head and maybe stave off some of the aches. It was a wonderful morning, bright and sunny so the walk around this gorgeous fachwerk town was stunning.

Saturday the rest of the event was amazingly fun. Feast was delicious and in the mid day so it left a lot of time afterwards for the usual schmoozing and mingling. Court was awesome but I gotta say I could live without the drama. Seriously some times I really wonder what people are thinking. Rude and ignorant doesn't even begin to describe some of the crap that went down. An award is something you accept gracefully even if you don't want it or you don't show up at court.

 I have a whole lot more to say on this subject but in the interest of not turning the blog into a rant about people and their drama I'll stop here. Needless to say it was an event with a lot of drama sometimes I feel as though I'm watching a soap opera in real time.

The night went by too quickly and we had a lot of fun. This was a really great event and a nice opportunity to get to see and know what people are doing in terms of the arts.

Sunday we had awesome breakfast with Cecelia and Alithia and  then popped up to the event site to clear up stuff and say goodbye then drove to Dietzenbach to hang out for the evening with our very good non sca friend Carsten and then on Monday we drove home.

All in all it was a fun, enlightening, great event.

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