Friday, 14 October 2011


I personally do not think that peer like qualities include trying to mobilize people to fight in crown just so that a certain pair won't win. Perhaps the person entering is arrogant and perhaps you don't like them much but that doesn't make it right to try an organize a campaign to block or shut someone out. Your personal feelings towards a possible ruling pair are NOT everyone else's.

I've been hearing rumblings for a while now about this but enough people have now confirmed it that I feel I have to speak out. I find this sort of back stabbing, nasty behavior to be incredibly un-peer like, unchivalrous and unbecoming. If you don't like the pair fair enough, if you really want to keep them from being king and queen then win the fucking crown yourselves don't runaround to everyone you can bad mouthing them and trying to make it so that they can't win at all. Personally this makes me want to NEVER play while you are ruling should this ever happen.

A personal vendetta is just that personal do not take it to the public arena.

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