Saturday, 20 August 2011


I'm supposed to be editing but the book is making me cross eye'd right now and I find myself easily distracted. Of course it's easy to be distracted with things like work and facebook.

I don't often write about work because there's not so much to write about and there's a confidentiality issues which is a line I don't want to cross. But I can talk about some stuff, like how much I love my job, no really I do. I have this crazy little mini job ( as it's called in Germany) I work 50 days a year and no more ( has to do with taxes and pensions and stuff none of which apply to a mini job) I pick up the slack essentially and do a lit little things which means my job is varied and I learn new things more often than not.

The last few weeks have been about a fairly large project that required some massive logistical organization and a LOT of help from other people. This was fun ( outside of the frustrating bits) and the really nice part was actually getting to work outside my desk WITH other people. And this was cool because the people I get to work with - ALL of them are amazing, fun, clever and willing to go that extra step.

I've never worked in a place like ACER before actually. Most of the jobs I've had, and I've had a lot ( with one or two exceptions) sucked. Either there was too much bitching going on and it was everyone out for themselves or just the actual job sucked, or it was a bit of both.

I'm a trained Animal health technologist. But I haven't worked in that field for years ( thank god) my experience with the Vet business is that it was cut throat and mean.  Animal Doctors yell a lot. And the customers / pet owners are not much better. I enjoyed working with lab animals but when I moved to Germany I turned my back on the entire work field and I have not looked back.

So I'm an artist / vet tech and I now work in a computer company as a logistics / warehouse go-to. It is my favourite job ever. Not just because it's part time because I loved working there when I was full time as well. Anyway this past could of weeks saw me do more than 1 day a week for this hefty project and boy it was tiring. I'm not used to being on my feet all day.

Then there's my FB posse, especially K. who nudges me to write more. And as payment for her picking me up a signed bookplate from Timothy Zahn I wrote her a short story, which it appears has spawned what might be a nice series of shorts. Easy to write and fun to do. But none of this is helping me edit the main books.

Evil woman that she is, she started quoting some rather ghastly slash Thrawn/car'das fiction to me. Okay I'm not a huge fan of Slash anyway, aside from the fact that much of what I have read is terribly written, it's also jarring and distracting. A little like reading someone's deepest darkest fantasy and I don't need this in my brain, thanks.I countered the evil by rewriting one of my own erotic short stories. Not sure if it's any better than a slash fiction but it's a pleasant distraction.

Now I also have a calligraphy commission which will be fun and 4 rather hefty backlogs scrolls to do. I also want to make new garb and 501st costumes and suddenly I feel very busy.

But it's been a peculiar summer. The weather has been terrible, I mean seriously the heating is ON. It has rained just about every single weekend and the garden looks like crap.

On top of this I have not had my period since Feb. I now in menopause for real? A lot of the constant endo pains have vanished but they do pop up with some regularity so I assume I am still producing some sort of hormones and going through the motions but I no longer get a period. ( yay) Now it's sweats, night sweats and a bunch of other things ( oh and headaches lot sand lots of headaches) but mostly I'm doing okay. which is nice.

so now we are almost through August.

Time flies when you waste it front of the computer.

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