Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Okay so yeah , here in this place, I have been slacking out when it comes to blogging. Sorry about that. There is lots to tell, too much actually and right now my brain is in another head space.

I finished my book ( yes I know old news) so now I am editing the three novels to get ready for final pdf formatting etc... it's a HUGE load of work but fun to go back and fix mistakes, edit out the extraneous verbiage and remove dangling plotline threads that went no where. Trust me you won't miss the stuff I'm removing and if you do, well the old versions will still be online in blog format.

It's also busy as all get out here. Eventing, trooping, work, etc.... Seems that life goes a bit mad when one has hobbies that require one to do stuff like make costumes / garb, scrolls, travel and so on. Then there was the family reunion.

so...forgive me for not posting much, I will get back at it soonish ( tm)

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