Tuesday, 28 June 2011

three weeks, three countries +1, past, present and future.

First we went to Sweden to attend the largest Drachenwald event, the yearly Double wars where we fight over Swedish flat bread. ( holy side or flat side)  It was a lot of fun and there's a whole other post about it so you can start there if you have not already done so.

Then we came home.

Traveling and being away from home is hard on me. My endo acts up and my body goes into some sort of bolshie shut down. So with this in mind you all should know I came home sick. 2 days later we flew out to Dublin.

This was my first ever trip to Ireland and I was pretty jazzed. I mean it's Ireland and for a Newfie this is a big deal right? The flights were surprisingly easy. I was all set to fight nazi-like security agents only to be let down by polite fairly nice people just doing their job. No naked scanners, no invasive sexual molestations  just dump all the gear in the grey boxes and walk through the metal detector . No sweat.

The flight was easy too.

so far so good.

Taxi to the hotel cheaper than planned and the hotel was nice, great room ( minus the jack hammer construction in the am) and very friendly staff. They had Guinness on tap ( who the hell doesn't tho?) It's freaking Dublin.

We explored, we shopped and most importantly we saw the concert we'd flown over to see and all I can say is if I wasn't a huge Alice Cooper fan before I sure as hell am now. Buddy, what a show. Thin Lizzie...not really anyone I'd pay to see again, I think they are probably a great pub band but their sound was off and the set was boring. Def Leppard also put on a fantastic show but oddly enough it was Alice Cooper who stole my heart.

The days that followed saw us walk A LOT, make the scribe's pilgrimage to Trinity College to see The Book of Kells, eat fab Irish greasy breakfasts, find lunches that involved some sort of food to go along with the Guinness ( okay so I'm kind of exaggerating we ate more than we drank) and poodle about. We saw 2 films ( Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and Kung Fu Panda 2 ) both great and in English (Bonus. )

It was a lovely 5 days, even though it rained. We also had sun too.

The flight home was easy and we sort of collapsed on the couch. Then it was time to prepare for the last leg of our massive holiday, the trip up to lego land in Denmark for our first ever troop with the 501st. ( no fedcon doesn't count at all)

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