Sunday, 8 May 2011

Fedcon: part the third

Saturday was star wars day all day pretty much. We dressed in our crew costumes and went to hang out , be a part of the parade and photo shoot and generally get to know people. Since we had paid for tickets we weren't on any work plan so we spent a great deal of time getting to know new people, hanging out with Maya and watching the trekkies beat the world record.

Best thing the husband over heard was someone saying that the 30 odd Star Wars guys who went on parade looked way better than the 600 odd trekkies who milled about aimlessly.  This is because the 501st has standards. There were some amazing trek outfits though and the one that comes to mind first is the Jem Hadar and his Vorta.

The late afternoon saw us in some panels and watching some of the sea shepherd auction. It was pretty relaxed and at some point we went out to the car ( parked nearby) and changed into civvies. So that we'd be comfy for the costume show and party afterwards.

Kudos to all the people who participated in the costume show thing but I have to say that last year was better. Unfortunately it seems as though the show can't decide what it wants to be, a costume contest or a talent show and really there isn't enough time for both in one go so it ended up being a weird mix which I found odd.  There were a couple of amazing entries and the funniest award of the evening goes to the two klingons who stole the whole show.

It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage and do stuff. I know I've done this many times. But I do wish there had been more emphasis on costumes and descriptions of costumes rather than long skits that didn't really have a purpose. I've seen some amazing costume contests in my time and this wasn't one of them.

After the costume thingy and the band that played we escaped to go and sit up at the bar where we spent most of the time socializing, making fun of the DJ who looked like he had walked out of grade school and the bad music. ( he had 1 billy Idol song on his list 1) and at around 12:30 Marcus decided he was tired and we went back to the hotel. It was a nice time. We met the Brians and a Dave from the UK , Joseph and Sonja and a bunch of others whose names I don't remember. It felt good tho, like we'd found a niche and made new friends.

Sunday we packed up our stuff, packed the car and went to the con for the last panels and the good bye round. We left around 2:30 om and we managed to get home at a reasonable time. Con-blues set in and so we sat down and spent the evening watching last year's fedcon video.

All in all this year was a lot of fun, though I found the hotel room prices for double rooms to be incredibly expensive and please don't tell me this is normal in Germany it isn't we've booked at this hotel before and a double room with breakfast still came in under 180 a night not over 200-. Plus there's the Maritim breakfast at 26, euro a day come on, seriously I don't eat 26, euros worth of breakfast ion a week let alone a day. I don't like price gauging much so we stayed "off campus" and it worked out okay. 10 minutes to the con by bus, easy access to banks etc... and a decent breakfast to boot ( damned great coffee).

We ended up spending very little money this year at the convention, the dealers were not so fantastic and, they too, were over priced. A sonic screwdriver with real screwdriver feature for 60, euros , the same thing I can buy on for 7 pounds... We did buy a few things ( stargate combat vest thing, couple of nice books and a hallmark Christmas ornament ( shuttle) but it was limited mainly because the selection was limited. I hope next year the dealer room is better with more selection and less over priced t.-shirts.

I don't like the layout for this convention at this hotel, it's awkward and scattered. There's not enough seats at the bar area and the bar itself is too damned small. Ever see several hundred people trying to dance on a space the size of a bathroom? The Bonn hotel's bar was way better suited for a party. The DJ was terrible and his music needed work. The pre mixed drinks were nice and the wait staff were pretty damned cool ( thanks for all your hard work)

Over all we had a lot of fun but mainly because the panel guests were amazing, Garrett Wang was really fun and the friends we have are just awesome.  Next year i don't know what we will do. I guess we will wait and see.

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