Friday, 27 May 2011

and mass panic ensues...

Time to deal with the tent from hell.

Deciding that we needed to be more "period" with our camping we made this thing. At the time we didn't have a lot of money so we used the materials we had on hand or could get for a decent price.  The canvas duck ( tks Terafan) was sewn on my Pfaff 360 at home ( I swear to go never again) and the metal hold it all together bits were done by Skarf ( they are iron so tehy are heavy).

This pavillion takes at least 3 people to raise because the middle pole and the hub are so frigging heavy. If this should ever fall on anyone, I'm pretty sure it will kill them.

anyway, the hell that is packing for double wars will commence today and it's making me bitchy so the leave Bridget alone until at least 2 hours after we arrive on site will be in effect. And in difference to that disasterous Nibelungen there had better bloody be tent space for us.


  1. Tent!!! Errr you guys are really keen or perhaps raving mad. Either way is cool! Have fun!!


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