Sunday, 3 April 2011


Jan Duursema: Dark Horse comics

Okay so I have been a slack ass here, sorry but there's only so many places I can write at once and I have been writing my book. It's exciting because I finally after being doped up on hormone nonexistence feel as though my brain has come back to life ( okay not such a good thing given all the other crap that comes with that but still...)

I'm writing, I have the lines of plots running through my brain. I have love scenes and kick ass fight scenes and dialogue that won't go away, and it's awesome to be back.

The above picture, if you are curious, is my all time favourite kiss scene ever. It screams passion and it inspires me. It is my desktop which I keep to remind me that what kept the whole Merly and Thrawn story going is passion.

I know that those of you who *know* are very curious about how it's all going to end...well I hope you will not be unhappy with my solutions and I also hope that you will all be pleasantly surprised.

I'm also happy to see that Ged has fans. He's a pretty cool guy. ( yes he really exists after a fashion.)

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