Friday, 22 April 2011

one week to go...

Next week is Fed-con. Yippieeee. This year due to outrageous con-hotel prices (above 200 euro for a standard double room per night) we are staying off campus so to speak which means less costumes.  This is okay by me. Last year we went with the full costume baggage and some rather large expectations which were thoroughly dashed.  ( little note to costume club members when welcoming new members it's not a good idea to make a face of disgust at their costume choices.)

I get that Imperial Crew may seem like a paltry costume when compared to a stormtrooper outfit but I spent nearly six months working on those costumes so sneering at it in front of me is not conducive to making me feel at all welcome. Your action made me so sad and after that I wanted NOTHING more to do with you. The end result was that my poor husband didn't get his officer outfit because all my enthusiasm to anything star wars related was gone.

Not, to my mind, the best way to encourage new members to join in the fun but maybe you didn't want new members so I guess if that was the case you won. We plan to keep up our one event a year to stay active but I don't expect we'll do much more. I think that you really need to revise how you treat new members but that's just my opinion.

So this year we will do less running around in costume trying get to know people who obviously didn't want to get to know us and a whole lot more time enjoying ourselves. I foresee the Stargate costumes getting A LOT of use. Easy to walk around in, comfy and they have LOTS of pockets.

This year for a variety of reasons, primarily health and state of mind related I didn't get my ass in gear to make new costumes. Which is okay since we just plan on doing a lot of sitting in on panels and checking out the dealers rooms. Next con I plan a doctor Who costume and maybe the officer's stuff and if I can figure it out I want to do a sith witch, no not a night sister a sith witch oh and star trek stuff. Now that I am off the hormone therapy I feel a lot more like my old self again and suddenly find myself bursting with ideas and enthusiasm.

We will take lots of pictures, meet up with friends and generally I hope have a great time.

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