Sunday, 10 April 2011

I forget sometimes...

We went to a small fighter practice oriented event yesterday, NFFP. And we had fun, seriously it was great. I forget, frequently, how much I enjoy the company of other people and the SCA as a whole, minus the bitchy back stabbing crabby assed politics.

My "make believe" button has been broken for a really long time. I held a kingdom office and that really did a number on my ability to "live the dream" a phrase which I loath, by the way. It has been my experience that for a great many folks the SCA is a launching platform for personal power drives and meanness and I forget it's not always like this.

So yesterday we dragged out reluctant asses to NFFP and surprise surprise we actually had fun. Of course getting to hang with the guys from Nordmark is ALWAYS fun and having a conversation about Vikings and history and the what ifs with the prince of Nordmark was a pretty nice way to enjoy a meal.

One of the people there asked me how long had I been in the SCA and my answer was more than half my life. I joined when I was around 19 and I'm 45 now so do the math. Drachenwald is my 3rd kingdom.

In my SCA life I have been busy. I have helped two shires start and get off the ground and both are still around though one is significantly more active than the other. I've done tons of stuff, cooked for large feasts, helped organise events, entertained kings and queens with my songs and stories, created more scrolls than I can count, learned skills I never knew were possible, endured some hardships and heartaches that served, in the end , to make me stronger- and I learned to either forgive, forget or walk away.

And believe me I've also had and done my fair share of fuck-us and stupid things.  And I am pretty sure I also have a very large group of bridget-is-a-bitch peeps out there too. But I don't care. Since I can't control what others think or do I gave up on trying to please the world a long time ago.

The SCA is where I have met the majority of my friends and had some of the best laughs in my life. In short it's family.

So now we are booked to head up to Double Wars god help us. And suddenly I find myself with far too much to do and not nearly enough time.

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