Monday, 7 March 2011

yes we have no bananas...

So while the world is on space watch for the shuttle Discovery's last mission I have been keenly keeping eye open for the fruit that lands on the top of the work station at NASA. Yes I am weird and yes I find interest in the strangest things but there you go I never claimed to not be weird.

By the way if you are watching NASA tv today the Discovery undocks and this morning's wake up call will be special "William Shatner recorded a special intro for Alexander Courage's "Theme from Star Trek" - Discovery's 3:23 a.m. EST wakeup call."

Watching this stuff live via the web is exciting. Better than normal TV and it's real, like really for real. It isn't faked TV/movie land pretend stuff this is happening now, in space and live. That's about as cool science non fiction as it gets.

So while I joke about the bananas really what am telling you, the world, is that there is some really freaking cool stuff going on right up there above our heads and maybe it would be good if perhaps just once in a while we looked up and managed to muster some awe because really this is awesome stuff and when Star Trek 1st came out this stuff we are watching on LIVE STREAM was just fiction , a vision of hope in someone's head.

So on that note.... Be excellent to each other and remember there are people in space doing really cool things.

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