Sunday, 27 March 2011

working out the kinks.

It's the home stretch as far as the book goes. I want to be done, it's time and so I have been madly typing and wracking my brain to get through the blocks and the hurdles and just do it.

It's been an amazing learning experience, writing three  consecutive books in a series that walks through what is essentially the universe of a thousand other people.  Trying to weave a story that spans nearly 20 years through the stories of a lot of other people in an established time line is not as easy as it sounds.

It started because I couldn't find the Star Wars story I wanted to read. Stories that saw the universe from the Empire's point of view. The closest that came to that at the time was Timothy Zahn's "Heir to the Empire" series.  And I fell in love with his main character as so many others did. What was not to love?

It took a while for this incarnation of Daughter of the Empire to get out into the world and as I re read the 1st book I see a lot of stuff that needs fixing.  But all in all it's a story I LIKE. That's cool, right?

Now I am at the end trying to wrap it all up in a way that I would like to read as well as the people who have stuck it out with me ( thanks everyone).  And then who knows what happens after this, I have other stories in my head and I like the whole share them on a blog thing.

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