Tuesday, 8 March 2011

spring, sheep and the social media networks

And what do these three have to do with each other? Not a whole hell of a lot except that all three are in my life. I live in a rural little spot in between two big cities, L├╝beck and Hamburg. We have sheep at the bottom of our garden area, they are not our sheep but they meander by daily as the eat ( cut) the grass. It's sort of cool to see sheep.

Spring- well that is just around the corner. I can feel it even smell it some days and on a day like today when the sun shines it's easy to believe it's almost here. It's been a long, cold ( for here) rough winter on oh so many levels. Since I've posted ad nauseam about these I won't repeat myself but suffice to say I rejoice in the thought of spring. The reality is a bit different since spring brings allergies but I can deal with those right?

And lastly the social media networks. I hang out on two. Facebook and twitter. I'm an old hand at Facebook but a newbie on twitter so imagine my surprise when I get notification yesterday that James Edward Olmos is following me. My very first thought was why? It's not like I am the most interesting twit in the world or is it tweeter I never get that right. Really on twitter I don't have much to say that I didn't 1st say on Facebook. But since I get points for tweeting on Empire Avenue I figured why not. Turns out twitter is interesting in its own way. Short sweet to the point messages from people all across the globe, many of them well known. It gives a little glimpse into their every day lives which is sort of cool. 

So via tweetdeck which has impressed me greatly I access both together on a continuous feed. I am connected. I am a geek. Oh boy am I a geek and I am proud of this lable. I use it and wear it like a great big badge of honour. After all it is the geeks of this world that have brought the world together under all these social media networks.

I think that without these social networks and the internet I would be a whole hell of a lot more isolated and I'd probably either do a lot of productive things or watch way more tv, I can't decide which it would be. I do know that through the social networks I get to share my life with other people friends and family on a daily basis and that, under previous circumstances, would not ever have happened. Everyone is now up to date with everyone else and I must admit this is a cool thing. I feel connected with the world, especially with my friends and I have re-found lost people in my life which has made me really happy since before facebook I would have had no idea how to find them and some of them even found me- how cool is that?

So between NASA TV and keeping up my stock price on Empire Avenue it's been a busy week. In between all the virtual social networking I have actually accomplished a lot of things - it helps tho that I feel a lot better this week. Let us hope this continues....

until then be excellent to each other!

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