Friday, 25 March 2011

it's all about the art, right?

In light of all the personal posts recently I thought I would put up some art. This is an old piece that was given to a friend. It's called computer bugs ( ha ha) and it small about 5"x7", acrylic paint, an eprom chip and some other chip, copper wire and shredded Deutsche Marks.

Like most of the work from the whole "Re-cycled" series it's a play on words within the computer jargon world. I always think these little chips that go or rather went on mother boards looked like centipedes and being able to glue shredded money on the canvas was just too much fun to not do.

Another piece from this particular run of paintings was this one. It's called "Ethereal mail." and I am pretty sure you all get that joke. ( e-mail shaped like a letter????)  I still have this because I really loved it. I have a tendency to keep my own art which is not so good for selling it but who cares. For me, it's not about the money anyway and it never was. Would I like to be able to make money off my art? Sure but it's not my ultimate goal. I make art period. And that's that.

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