Tuesday, 1 February 2011

poodling along

I'm kind of at a loss for things to talk about at the moment mostly because my head is full of projects. We took a bit of a big break from the world it seems and now the world has flooded in with a vengeance. Not that I am complaining, I think it's good to be busy and creative but it's overwhelming.

There's lots going on in all directions. We are members in two busy costume clubs utterly unrelated to each other. ( one is medievalish and the other is totally Star wars related) and there are a lot of events coming up for both these hobbies. It's cool really.

I am also working to try and finally finish the DOTE blog / books. It's so close and yet it seems to fight me every word of the way. I'm sorry to those who are waiting that I am so slow... but I am working on it, promise!

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