Monday, 21 February 2011


The geese are back...this means spring is coming! Oh happy day! As you have no doubt read it's been a pretty crap start to the year as a whole..oh well been and gone looking forwards not backwards.

I did get some fab news that my BFF Andrea got published. Her knitting design will be in the up and coming knit magazine Interweave Knits. check it out here:


It's the really pretty pink crop jacket. I am ├╝ber jazzed for her.

Meanwhile back at the Haus-am-See lots of medieval stuff was done. I'm in the zone which is both good and bad. Good that I am doing art stuff bad I forsake all else when doing art work. So housework tends to fall by the wayside- though not today.

It also means I buy books- lots of cool scribally delicious books. Bad for the bank account but  lucky for me I was given a couple of most awesome amazon gift certificates so I could have some shopping fun. On the list were two model book facsimiles. Happy happy happy.

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