Wednesday, 16 February 2011

little things

The B is part of a backlog scroll I'm working on. I decided to try tooling the gold which is no easy feat given the kind of gesso I use. Still it looks okay.  Currently I started painting the acanthus leaves that make up the main body of the illumination. Will show it when it's done.

Yesterday was not a banner day. I had my annual obgyn intrusional, nothing new or unexpected there. I used to be terrified of the once a year pap smear and exam now it's just an add on to the rest of the routine I go through on a fairly regular basis. Since the discovery of endometriosis I'm at my obgyn fairly regularly. From the very first visit she has suggested a colonoscopy which I've avoided due to an unrealistic amount of fear and loathing but now, backed against a wall, in March I will have the procedure done. I have pain with no apparent cause and enough issues with all things guts and bowel that this is necessary. But I'm scared to death.

So yesterday was a crap day. I was wound up, with a pulse of up over 100 but great BP go figure, the doc's assistant was like "Wow, you're a little stressed ". NO shit. And that stress didn't go away. The news about my uncle is not good and we had a frigging snow storm yesterday.

I also go off my hormone tablets in March so March is getting all set to be a banner month in the worst possible way. Now... I have to get ready for work. Gets me out of the house and lets my husband have a day home alone ( eep)

Getting older sucks.

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