Sunday, 27 February 2011

Last Sunday in February

It's been a hell of a month. 2 members of my extended family died and it made me realise just how very far away I am from my family in Canada. I have had a huge endo flare up that's given me a really bad bout of IBS, massive amounts of hairloss, bloating and weight gain, incredible pain and discomfort ( not to mention constipation) I had my annual OBGYN appointment and everything looked okay but given the pain I have and the problems that have been ongoing I now have to have a colonoscopy (ugh) after which I am certain will be another lap surgery. I am happy to see Feb go though March is shaping up to also not be a fun month.

It's been a good month for art but bad on equipment. I have produced a bunch of nice scrolls but broke my burnisher which somehow managed to leap off my table ( flat with a cloth on it) and break clean off. I wanted a new one any way but this was a tad annoying. I will have to get my butt in gear to photograph all the new pieces. I have a bunch of blanks I don't really know what to do with yet but something will come up I am sure.

We were gone this past week to stay with a friend near Frankfurt. Marcus has work related stuff to do and it was an excuse to see our friend C who just bought an apartment ( lovely)  It was great to see him and his new place. I spent a lot of time just hanging out browsing the web and relaxing which was nice. The only down side was an online discussion that turned into a bizarre fight over my feelings about endometriosis. I really don't mind civil discussions but using sarcasm and abusive language to get one's point across does not really count for a civil discussion and I decided that I have had enough abusive people in my life I don't need more. Unfriend is useful in these situations.

Yesterday was a good day at home after a long drive on Friday. We went shopping in Hamburg which was okay though I must admit as I get older I find crowds hard and harder to deal with especially as people don't seem to see me and insist on walking right into me. We buzzed Lush for the shampoo that Marcus uses and Saturn for DVDs and music. Then we went and had a quickie lunch fro the fab Indian place in the Europa passage and after that drove out of the city to Boesner the art supply shop I spend far too much money at. I replaced my burnisher and bought a 2nd one of a different size, some new blue ink, some new paint brushes and some watercolour paper. All in all I was very restrained.

We did some Lidl shopping on the way home and then settled in to watch animated stuff . Ratatouille and Shrek3 then topped it off with The Duchess ( excellent film).

Today I have not big plans but I will probably settle in to do some artwork. The sun is shining and it's beautiful out though a little frosty and hazy.  I am going off the hormone treatment today so I am pretty sure next week will be a lot of fun wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 

in the meantime be excellent to each other and hang in there spring is coming!

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