Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The work space

The was a picture of my desk years and years ago. I still have this table which I have had for almost as long as I've been in the SCA which means I've had this little drafting table for over half my life now. It's still my main art table. When we moved to this house which is really big my art studio space jumped up and for the first time ever I had enough room to bring in a "real" architect's table.

the monster table

I did the ebay thing and found one which I won for under 40 euro. The only hook was we had to pick it up our selves and the thing weighs a ton but with friends' help we managed just fine. It's a cool piece of equipment and let me tell you it makes lining out these medieval scrolls a damn sight easier than anything else I've used. I love the built in  angle ruler. But the table is HUGE and I'm not so it's actually not ergonomically easy for me to sit and and use as a place to paint which is why the little drafting table is still my best friend in this room. ( It's also easy to move around as well) 

Now my little friend sits under the window for the best light and the monster sits at the only place it could and still get some natural light. It also makes a great fabric and pattern layout table. It has many uses but oddly enough I don't use it for drawing.

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