Monday, 24 January 2011

uncluttering the mind

Inspiration wall.

So yesterday I spent pretty much all day sorting out my art studio. It started off as a clear off the desks to start scrolls and turned into a serious gut out and clean. It felt great. While I can do some work in a  cluttery room I cannot do scrolls.  The medieval work requires peace and calm in the room and clutter damages my calm.

In between the uncluttering I played detective ( again because this has been an ongoing process for a while now) and finally found the Maker of the Scribal box to say thanks. ( Pictured above - big wooden box on the shelf). That was a fun adventure which worked out and was a nice break from the cleaning.

I enjoy the process of going through the junk and I have much junk. I collect all manner of things because one never knows when one will need something. Today I hope to sit down and line out some scrolls and perhaps get some gold work down.

We'll see.

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