Tuesday, 4 January 2011

sam and max

Sam and Max at the Maritim, Dusseldorf for Jedicon

Our travel companions Sam and Max.

Max, the lemur has traveled more than I have and he's been to more countries. Max, who was my plane travel companion when I lived in Canada and Marcus lived in Germany, decided he liked traveling too much to give it up and now goes with Marcus instead and so any time the husband goes on a business trip Max tags along. In a couple of weeks he will be heading to Turkey. The really fun thing about Max is he stays and guards the hotel room and sweet talks the house keeping staff into posing him in interesting ways. The really fun thing about the husband is he likes taking Max along.

Sam, the polar bear cub hails from San Francisco. He literally fell on me while we were in a small toy shop. He was so cute that we knew he was coming home with us. He goes everywhere I go. He is my comfort when I am hurt or sad and my husband is out of town or snoring away. He's a bit worn, he's not as fuzzy or white as he used to be but the cuteness has not worn off.

They share our bed and our secrets. We are adults and we have stuffed animals that we love and cherish. I think this is a good thing.

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