Friday, 28 January 2011


Rooks at dusk outside of Ahrensburg

I woke up at 2:30 am and couldn't really get back to sleep after that. This morning at 7 a plumber was due to come so I guess this was my body's way of not sleeping in. At 5:50am I got up and that was that so I'm up.

One of the upsides to getting up at the crack of doom is seeing the unexpected. This morning it was being able to see the moon, now waning and Venus in the sky on the same level so bright that they both created a reflection on the thin ice of the lake. Words do not do this justice and I don't yet have a camera that will pick these sort of scenes up.

For as long as I can remember I have marveled at the nature around me. I thank both my parents for instilling this in me. I think as adults we often lose the ability to see the world with open eyes, we miss sunsets and moon sets, and every day miracles due to every day life getting in the way.

I'm a big fan of sunrises as any one who is a regular reader of this blog can tell. Lots of pictures of sunrises especially since we moved back to Germany. We now live by a lake and the lake view is south - south east facing. This means as I sit and type my morning babble I get to see the sun rise, which has it's drawbacks. ( Hard to type with the sun shining in one's eyes but this only occurs at certain times of the year)

I love the natural world around me. It's full of magical things. While driving down German autobahns we see birds of prey just hanging out. They seem to each have their section of highway and they often sit in a tree and watch the world. We see a lot of crows here as well, they roost and gather out near the Mc Donalds but only in the late fall, winter and very early spring. Soon enough they will be paring up and the huge roosts will dissipate in favour of nesting.

So on this Friday morning which started early, the sun is now slowly painting the sky, 1st a deep orange and slowly a paler yellow. It's gorgeous.

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