Sunday, 16 January 2011

crows to go...

One of the Crow Boys
the beginning, the 1st mould from plasticine

the wax positive, fixing and fiddling - no easy task.

The Crow Boys was an art school project, part of my sculpture class. They were a trial to make and their journey to life was fraught with difficulties. They were a fairly large sculpture for the bronze casting class and I made three of them, it seemed the right thing to do.

crow boys in bits

wax positive...

the wax positive and the amazing thing, they stood on their own.

bird butt.

It was a big project and it took ages and I learned A LOT. But now I have three beautiful bronze crows who have such personalities. They are collectively known as the Crow Boys and they've been around the block a bit!
the crow boys in Halifax, Canada enjoying the snow!
The crow boys in Switzerland
hiding amidst the plants in Germany

As you can see they do their own thing. They are well traveled crows, although generally they tend to travel by boat or truck... The flying part is kinda hard with bronze wings.

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