Sunday, 26 December 2010

where am I again?

So usually we have a green Christmas here, if we are lucky a slight sprinkling of snow to make it feel a little like winter but usually North Germany borders on cold and gray this time of year. Not so for last winter where we had snow from Dec through until March and this year where we have had snow from early December and today it is bordering on minus 10 degrees C.

It looks and feels like I recall winters in Canada except this year at my mum's there is no snow at all. Weird but also wonderful and I am not complaining about the cold and snow because it feels like a real winter and it's beautiful.

This morning , boxing day, we woke to cold and still with a lovely sunrise, similar to this one. While sitting at the computer we were treated to a strange knocking sound out by the living room and when we went to investigate we saw a woodpecker at the wisteria that's on the house side searching for food. So I guess when the woodpeckers are trying to eat the house I need to get my rubber boots on and go out and fill the feeders.

It's hard for the birds here when it's this cold, they are not so used to it. Everything is frozen solid and covered with centimeters of snow. They rely on people putting out food for them and it's cool to watch them at the feed house.

And apart from that it's quiet. Christmas has come and gone again. Presents were given, food was eaten and stories were shared. The surprise this year was how well the North American tradition of stockings went over in a German household. We'll be doing that again next year.

I'm glad it's over. I'm not a big Christmassy person. It's a lot of stress and fuss and overly rich food. I like the family part of it but the rest ...not so much. Our next big stress will be heading to Sweden for 12th night in 2 weeks. I don't travel so well any more and the last two weeks have been rough on me for some reason. But we're heading to an SCA event to celebrate for friends who won crown after at least 8 years of trying. So it's a big deal. And it will be nice to see people again, it's been a while since we were last at an event.

Anyway, here  I am on my 3rd cup of coffee, being bathed in winter sunlight enjoying the quiet time.  I hope everyone else can say the same.

Until then, be excellent to each other and dress warm.

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