Thursday, 16 December 2010

snow day

It's supposed to snow like mad today. In fact it's already begun and it's kinda windy so I'm thinking it's going to be a snow day. I am Canadian, not by birth but definitely in heart and soul. I grew up in a place that was more winter than any other season so one would think that moving to a place with less winter would make me happy and it does but no winter at all or a soggy gray winter also did not make me happy. I missed snow. I missed cold. In short I missed real winter.

The last few years in North Germany we've had snow, a fair amount of it by here standards and oddly enough it made me really happy. Winter should be white.

So today winter is making itself known. My world is white with a touch of blowing snow thrown in for good measure. It will cause chaos on the autobahn and various roads here and most people will complain about the weather bitterly. Later on I will have to shovel the walk and it will be cold but that's okay.

So until then be excellent to each other and carry a snow shovel.

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