Friday, 3 December 2010

The painting of crows is a difficult matter...

So ages ago when I began the whole Re-Cycled art project crows were not high on my list of subjects. I would much rather photograph the real thing than try to paint them. This is partly because I don't consider myself to be a particularly good artist of any kind and not so skilled in the art of all things crow and paint. However, that being said, one day I came across a computer bit that intrigued me enough to to go to the crow.

When one cracks a hard drive  open it looks a lot like a space aged record player and the reader / needle resembles for all the world a beak. So with that in mind I began the crow part of the re-Cycled project. Here are some of the results.

"Two Crows" acrylic on canvas with hard disk readers.  c. 2004-2005

"As the crow flies"  acrylic on canvas with various computery bits.  Dec 2, 2010

"Wheee!" Acrylic on canvas. ( no computer bits, I didn't think it needed any. Dec 2, 2010

wall o' crows

"The Red Crow" Acrylic, acrylic paste on canvas with HDD reader c. 2004.  

"In Flight"  Acrylic on canvas with HDD reader. C. 2004

I'm a slow worker as far as art is concerned. I work in small spurts, spending 2-3 days utterly invested in the art then leave it for months. I don't tend to be "inspired" so much as one day I get the need to paint or do something artistic and I just do it. It's as if a second brain takes over the logical boring housewifey brain and says "right let's have at it."  I'm not that productive and once I'm done I'm done. I either hang the pieces some where or shove them away and move on. I am not a salesperson of any sort, I don't push myself to sell my art, run around to galleries and sell my art or anything like that. It feels weird, and somehow wrong and I just shy away from it.  I like to create stuff and that's about it.

On the subject of crows, however, I get quite passionate. They fascinate me, in case you have not already figured this out. So painting them or at least trying to is a big thing, and enjoyable big thing. And to be honest I just like messing around with paint and computer junk.

Until then, Be excellent to each other.

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  1. Wow! It amazing how we just take birds for granted and don't actively "notice' them. Your photographs illustrate the how the crow has adapted to urbanisation of its environment. Cool. I didn't know they could operate a vending machine??


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