Friday, 17 December 2010


So I woke up this morning to the delights of pain. Hexenschuss, the Germans call it, witch shot. Stiff and spasming muscles on my left side of my neck make for painful anything today. Which is great really seeing as how I have the company Christmas party to go to and get to spend the night in a hotel in Hamburg.In short I feel like crap. Which pretty much sums up the week. It's been artistically productive but the lingering in the back ground cough just tired me out. The cheese reaction made my life difficult and now this. I'm being punished for the painting of a million crows I think. Though more like it's drafty in the studio bu I don't really notice until I get sick.

I started experimenting beyond just black ink on paper. Using older left over water colored pieces of paper I painted crows on them just to see what it looked like. I'm fairly happy with the results so I might do this again. I like to experiment, salt on wet paint, mixing different coloured inks, lots of wash and water.There is something rather magical about learning how to push a medium.

And crows make for great subject matter. They are easy to capture in essence though there are a set number of crow poses to paint each one, like each bird, is slightly different. I have quite a stack of these paintings now and I don't quite know what to do with the, Some I know will get given away the rest....not sure.

However, today will be about rest and trying to free myself of pain enough so that I can be social tonight and enjoy the party with y work friends and my husband. This and enjoying the white world outside my windows. The frost painted trees are really something to see.

until then be excellent to each other and avoid the shooting witches.


  1. and these two are beautiful, too.
    when i move to leipzig promise me i can get one of your crow paintings :D


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