Friday, 31 December 2010

goodbye 2010

So the year finally draws to a close. Can't say I'm sad to see it go for me it's been a difficult year, at least in my memory. It's not been as bad as I remember it but the memory is stronger than the reality. Allergies made summer hell, endo made everything hell and a general malaise and ennui made me wonder why I bothered at all. Only in December did I find some mojo again. was all about crows.

This year saw many deaths but one that will probably not be noticed by many is the death of Kodachrome. last roll of kodachrome developed . Photography as we ( I) knew it is dying quickly. No more polaroids, no more kodachrome and it gets harder and harder to get normal film developed and actual pictures from photographic paper developed. It's all digital. Both good and bad.

The above photo was done via the Van_dyke_brown method. It was a joy to learn alternative methods of printing and see the results. More info here alternate photography processes .

There's a lot to be said for the slowness of analogue photography. And while I find myself entering the digital slr world kicking and screaming I know I will yearn for the darkroom and solace of time taken to get it right uninterrupted by facebook and pms.

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