Thursday, 15 April 2010


So some things I learned today:

1: no matter how cool you think you are when you get back into roller skates after nearly 30 years you look like an idiot and small pre teen girls will find you highly amusing.

2: I didn't fall, not even close *smug* I did wobble a few times tho...windmilling arms = uncool.

3: My ass is going to be sore as I find out that I have muscles I wasn't sure existed.

4: @ sarah, I skated for 45 minutes and walked to the skate road and back again for 15 minutes. I sweated and I got my heart rate up big time and the fun part is I didn't even realise I was actually exercising because I was too busy trying not to kill myself.

5: little stones on the road suck.

6: Hills are not your friend neither up nor down.

7: Even roller skates give me blisters gorram it.

8: I understand why boots are better than the sneaker skates but I do love the feel of the sneakers.

9: next time I go out I will consider wearing my helmet it make look dorky but I'd feel safer. I did wear wrist protectors tho I am not a complete moron.

10: Roller skates  YAY I am so freaking jazzed!

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