Tuesday, 2 March 2010


So I have been an utter slacker here and I'm sorry. But my endometriosis has been acting up a storm which makes me cranky, restless and unable to sit and write for very long.

However...some things have happened like the snow is all going so these kitty prints are now just a photo memory of a winter that took North Germany by storm ( ha ha)

I have been collecting costume stuff ( anyone on my face book Flist will know alllllll about that and there will be some pictures posted here at some point. It's hellishly time consuming and at the best of times I don't really enjoy sewing a lot. It's one of those out of necessity things I do because I can do it and it saves a wad load of money. I can't justify spending nearly 1000, 00 euros for us on costumes I can make for a fraction of that cost. I reckoned ( time not withstanding) that to make a hat which some folks charge 50- euro for it costs me 10. Now add in the time then maybe 50- is about right but at least it's MY time and I am doing something other than sitting browsing ebay.

Mostly this past 2-5 weeks has been about pain management and mood swings galore. It's fun to be a woman you know.

So what am I grateful for today? My friend Shelly F who taught me how to sew.

in the mean time: Be excellent to each other!

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