Thursday, 11 February 2010


So we've been having a discussion on one of the scribe lists about how to stay motivated and what demotivates. For me the answer was pretty simple lack of appreciation.

I've been doing scrolls for this kingdom for a while now, somewhere around 7-8 years give or take. Admittedly my early works leave a little bit to be desired. I could understand if a person with one of my first attempts wasn't so thrilled but I have come along way as an SCA scribe and put in a lot of hours to get there.

I remember talking to a scribe who had been in it a while who said they only did scrolls for people they knew. I found that statement odd really and kinda sad and never understood it until recently. I used to do this because I loved doing it but somewhere along the line that changed and it changed with this scroll above.

I put hours and hours into this one, it was my first big attempt to copy something original and work on a tiny level with real gold leaf. It was a pain in the ass to do but after many days it turned out beautifully. It was for someone I didn't know but that didn't matter because it was a piece I was truly proud of now I hate the thing. It has become a symbol for why I don't enjoy this work much any more.

The reason being was lack of appreciation from the recipient., No email of gee thanks no letter no nothing and stupidly I expected more than nothing. I expect a thank you. Two words in an email, it's not that hard really. But it's rare.

As scribes we are told over and over again to put contact info on the back of the scroll so the person getting can say thank you but you know what, they almost never do. I find the lack of manners not only sad but demotivating. Why should I put in hours and hours of my time, talent, money, supplies and so on for a person who can't be arsed to drop me a two word email to say thanks. It's a small thing with fairly large reaching consequences for me.

It's gone from a small niggle to a big pet peeve with me and ultimately it's created a certain amount of loathing for the SCA in general and scroll creation in specific. In a society ( club) that in theory prides itself of chivalry and courteous behaviour the inability to say thank you is rather rampant. And I don't get why, because it's not a huge thing to do, really. No one is asking for money or gifts or gold, though if one were to start charging for scrolls I think some eyes would open about time and costs.

I am grateful for the art lessons learned while scribing for teh SCA but it also taught me something valuable about myself and that is I actually value what I do enough to be pissed when someone else doesn't.


  1. I think it's beautiful--and I keep feeling like reproducing the capital B and its interior in a fabric form. L

  2. ooh I hope you do! If you want to I will scan in the original image...I have it somewhere...


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