Thursday, 7 January 2010


trying to get past this crazy headache I had been sporting since yesterday mostly due to me carrying a heavy bag across my shoulder it occurs to me that I am quite thankful for modern medicine. I try to steer clear of too many unnecessary pharmaceuticals but sometimes it is a good thing such luxuries like ibuprofen and so are are readily available to me.

I am very lucky and thankful to live in a time and age and country where health insurance is part of the country, where I have ready and easy access to such luxuries as aspirin and deeply grateful for the doctors and nurses and lab techs who do their jobs and keep me as healthy as they are able to.

Health has been on my mind a lot lately, I am going down that menopausal slope and my body has become an annoying stranger to me. I had surgery last year and learned I have an incurable disease though not life threatening it can be and is sometimes very painful. I am heartened to know that there is good medical care out there and that I won't go bankrupt should I ever need it.

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