Wednesday, 3 February 2010


so...more snow has fallen and this morning will be some more shoveling which is okay. I look out of the window of the computer room to the lake behind the house and it is a winter wonderland, beautiful and magical.

Last night my husband had to stay over with friends who live closer to work because the roads and the weather were so bad I didn't want him driving home. I am so grateful for friends. The pictures on the news are like what we usually see in Canada in winter, snow chaos.

Still amazes me that in spite of all the warnings people still drive around like they are on a F1 race track. Several of the islands around North Germany are cut off from the rest of the world and need to be supplied via helicopter now.

Still there is a beauty to this weather and in spite of all the craziness, I love it. There is no lighting that quite matches what one gets in winter when there is snow and cold.

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