Sunday, 24 January 2010


"My Lord Winter is a hard man. Small and lithe, he walks with quick steps and dances hard upon the cold earth. He is not much taller than I but his strength is great. He has skin as white as first snow and his hair is as black as the ice you cannot see. His eyes are as blue and as brittle as the coldest, clearest of days that only come in the heart of his reign.

When he walks the land all things must lie down and die or sleep depending upon their nature. His laughter brings the frosts, his tears, the frozen rain and snows. When he is happy the world lies in stillness but his anger is a wrath the like of which is seen at no other time. The storms he brings last for days at a time and the snows drift high hiding all that you can see. His love is a cold kind and his heart is like frost upon the window.

His world is blues and blacks and whites. The light is clear, the colours are hidden. When he comes, and he must, it is the time for things and for people to rest or die. He is the final word. He is the death with many faces and when he comes with his mask of bone then you will know your last winter.Then according to the nature of the &oul you will either go to the Summer Lands where magic rules and it is warm always or you will know only his winter lands and suffer eternal cold."

Why Winter Chases Autumn- The Fiddler's Tales

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