Thursday, 21 January 2010


I started work this week for this year. I am on a yearly contract that is part time. I am allowed to work a certain amount of days / hours a year. This is a way of allowing people to work without them or the company having to pay taxes and fees. The upside is what I make I keep the downside is I am limited to what I make and I don't pay into social insurance. However I don't mind.

I work at a computer company that is unusual and wonderful. What I love most about it not just the job I do, something that defies definition because it changes all the time, but also the people I work with as well. I love being there and I love being with these people.

I have two university degrees and a diploma in animal health technology and none of these pieces of expensive paper really mean anything towards what I do at this job ( I don't discount their use but they would not really count towards my qualifications) and yet of all the work I have done this job is the one I love the most which is kinda weird.

I am unbelievably grateful that I was able to go back and work there, even more grateful that it could be arranged on my terms ( ie part time so to speak).

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