Tuesday, 19 January 2010


I am surprised to find that I am thrilled about winter. As a child growing up in Northern Newfoundland winters were a creature to be reckoned with and while they were long and cold they were a source of wonder.

I spent a winter season in the Caribbean once and the utter absence of winter was weird for me, I loved the warmth and felt incredibly smug about being toasty sunny warm while everyone back home was freezing their asses off but I also missed it. The blending of one summer like day into the next felt wrong.

When we moved to Ticine winter was also lacking, it's very warm in Ticine but I could see winter as it snowed the tops of the mountains and every now and then we'd get some snow. Northern Germany also doesn't usually get much in the way of winter either...long dark days of dull grey are not winter. But this year wow... the gods were listening.

We got snow, lots of snow and it's lovely. I am eternally and deeply thankful that I can enjoy all the seasons, that I get as much pleasure out of a winter snow storm as I do a cheerfully gorgeous sunny day. That I love rain as much as I love fog and clear nights.

We live in a wondrous world. It's full of the most amazing things every day all around us.

and this winter I am grateful it snowed and the snow stayed.

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