Sunday, 17 January 2010


I read a website called post secret. I am pretty sure most people know of it, it's this place where people post their secrets on home made cards and send them into a guy named Frank. You can check it out for yourself here. .

A couple of Sundays back I saw a card which was a picture of a bunch of girls together at what looked like a party, they looked like friends and they looked like they were having the time of their lives. The caption on the card said,"Take a picture of your life. Remember what it looks like. Before it all changes" It made me cry, it still does.

I suppose this is because I have hit that 40 something midlife hell and I look back a lot at the moment, evaluating and thinking about my own life, where I have been what I have done and who I met along the way.

The Polaroid above is one of my favourites but it also is a symbol for that magical time in one's life when the universe is right. Young enough to not care about consequences old enough to enjoy what we have and crazy enough to "do it anyway."

The apartment in the photo no longer exists, it burned down last week. I don't live anywhere near Andrea any more so our days of just going out on a whim are done. In fact I don't live near ANY of my best girls and it breaks my heart some days. I don't regret moving here nor do I regret anything really but I miss certain moments in time and I sure as hell miss people.

I am deeply grateful for the path my life has taken because I have met the most amazing folks along the way and seen as well as done astounding things.

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