Sunday, 10 January 2010


I am deeply grateful for what ever it is that I have within me that allows for me to play. I can let my adultness go and the kid in me come out.

Yesterday I abandoned all sense of being an adult in favour of making snowmen. I eventually had to get my husband into it as well since I am not strong enough to lift all the big snow balls. I love the snow and the sense of a real winter, not the usual soggy gray we more likely get.

I was thrilled we got snow ( tho it caused total chaos in Germany) and grateful that I can see the beauty and the fun within it.

But I should add being Canadian and having grown up in the North of Newfoundland I get how snow and snow storms work. We heard the weather forecasts and were prepared for it. I even have a small primus stove for the possibility the electricity goes out. We had food, we had water and we were warm.

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